Pet portraits

Commission a  portrait of your pet that pops!   Based on a photo of your furry friend.
~ Acrylic and ink on canvas, framed with white mat in black frame.  See more here:  Pet portraits

  • B/W 5″x7″ in 8″x10″ frame: $100
  • COLORFUL 5″x7″ in 8″x10″ frame: $120
  • B/W 8″x10″ in 12″x16″ frame: $120
  • COLORFUL 8″x10″ in 12″x16″ frame: $160
  • B/W 12″x16″ in 16″x20″ frame: $160
  • COLORFUL 12″x16″ in 16″x20″ frame: $200

    Just send your questions, requests, and photos here:



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